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Attrition Mills


    Design and Performance
  • Produces relatively narrow particle size spectrum, variable to 200 mesh.
  • High throughput-to-horsepower ratio. Available with single- and double-powered runners.
  • Interference press-fit runner and shaft assembly is supported by radial and thrust load rated pillow block ball bearings.
  • Adjustable, constant grinding plate spring pressure assures product uniformity.
  • Provision for quick release grinding plate separation

    Plate Designs

    An extensive assortment of Attrition Mill plate designs are available for diverse application requirements. Optimum plate style for specific application demands is determined by previous experience or laboratory processing of sample products. Available Attrition Mill plate styles include:

    • Spiral Rib Plate
      For general grinding requirements. Versatile for usage in varied applications
    • Radial Rib Plate
      Available in coarse, medium and fine configurations for applications from refining moist/sticky materials to milling and hulling food products and cellulose.
    • Oval Rib Plate
      Specialized design for feather curling
    • Radial Undercut Rib Plate
      Largely used for high volume grain, corncob and other agriculturally oriented milling applications
    • Devil Tooth Plate
      Extensively employed for coarse granulation, "mill hogging" and mixing


    The Munson Attrition Mill is available in three sizes, with single-rotating disc.

    • 18"
    • 24"
    • 30"


    • Available constructed of carbon steel, #304 stainless steel to industrial or sanitary standards, and abrasion resistant steel
    • Rotating single disc mill for precise fine grinding applications
    • Shaft mounted grinding plates: adjustable constant spring-pressure assures product uniformity, narrow spectrum particle size, from 20 mesh to 200 mesh
    • Available with feed conveyors and/or water jacket cooled housings for liquid spray injection systems
    • Precision machined cast iron mill housing
    • Single unit, reinforced steel weldment support base
    • Statically and dynamically balanced rotating runner head assembly
    • Precise, close tolerance grinding of machined surfaces assures proper milling plate alignment
    • Single runner mills equipped with machined cast iron access doors for clean out and maintenance accessibility


    • Compact overhead motor mounted drive employs V-belt arrangement
    • Single unit assemble helps assure proper mill/drive alignment
    • All required totally enclosed drive guards and limit switches are included