Test Lab



Thank you for considering Munson Machinery Company, Inc., for your blending or size reduction needs. The following details our policy regarding application lab testing at our plant. Please take the time to review this policy to avoid any confusion.

  1. Customers are welcome and encouraged to witness any testing. Please inform your MUNSON® representative or factory contact if you would wish to be present at testing. We will be happy to provide you with directions and refer you to local accommodations with special MUNSON rates.
  1. MUNSON typically does not charge a fee for testing. Please note that testing is limited to demonstrating application suitability only. Any special equipment and/or modifications that may be required to duplicate special conditions may be subject to a fee to cover our costs. As our equipment is sized and configured for small test runs, larger pilot and production runs (if required) may not be practical and may be subject to additional fees. Decisions on related fees, if any, are made on a case-by-case basis.


  1. SDS (Safety Data Sheets) must be provided to MUNSON for all materials, including the final blended product, prior to shipping of any test material. This is an OSHA requirement, and will also allow us to determine whether the material can be received in our factory for testing.
  2. While all testing is free of charge, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs to and from our factory. Materials are to be shipped prepaid to our factory and will be returned freight collect.

    Before we can authorize shipment of any test material to our factory, we require that we have full return shipping information, referencing a return LTL carrier or parcel shipping company, including any applicable account numbers (such as those for UPS, FedEx, etc.).

    Shipments from outside of the continental United States must be sent to MUNSON with freight and all duties prepaid (DDP). MUNSON will assume no costs or fees associated with the receipt of the customer's test materials at our factory, or for return shipping.

  1. We request that you complete our checklist/data sheet for your material(s) and return it to us. Please also include a brief description of the desired results with your material.

  2. Once the material is approved for testing after SDS is reviewed, return shipping information is received, and a completed data sheet is received, we will provide you with a Test Number. Please mark this number on all containers and reference this number in any correspondence regarding the test.
  3. All material must be clearly marked with the product name, and an SDS must also be included with the material. Material that is not clearly marked may not be accepted into our plant.
  1. If you are sending material amounts larger than 3 cubic feet, please provide extra empty containers or drums to collect the processed material. MUNSON can provide return shipping containers (such as drums) — however, there will be fees associated with this service and you must allow adequate time for us to obtain the necessary containers. Please note that we cannot accept super sacks or gaylord boxes, and these will be refused by our receiving department! Drums or boxes only, please!
  2. Please send the test material to the attention of your factory representative to:

    Munson Machinery Company, Inc.
    210 Seward Avenue
    Utica, NY 13502