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Rotary Batch Mixers
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Mini Rotary Batch Mixers


Four-way mixing action: fold, tumble, cut and turn
General Features:
  • Internal vent assembly for venting off dusts created during loading cycle.
  • Internal lifter and baffle design variations to meet the mixing requirements of unusually difficult and/or fibrous materials.
  • Quick opening access door in the mixer drum section.
  • Hand-operated discharge gate arrangement.
  • Completely welded frame and drum assemblies.
  • Choice of drive arrangement: countershaft mounted helical gear reducer with integral gear motor, or optional V-belt.

Detailed Features:

    Constant motion ensures 100 percent uniformity while minimizing cycle times

    The constant motion of a Munson Rotary Batch Mixer ensures uniform distribution of batch ingredients during loading and discharge cycles, as well as during the mixing cycle.

    Unlike mixers that become nothing more than stationary hoppers during loading and discharge, the Munson Rotary Batch Mixer prevents stratification of ingredients from start of discharge until it is completely empty.

    The constant motion also boost output in high volume processes, since there is never a need to stop the mixer for loading or discharging.

    Gentle mixing action enhances product quality

    The Munson Rotary Mixer provides rapid and uniform distribution of particles—gently and without breakdown. Materials that in optimum condition are light and fluffy, remain so during mixing and upon discharge, with no densification. Similarly, materials that are dense under ideal circumstances, remain dense during mixing and discharge. These characteristics are of special interest to manufactures of packaged products such as detergents and other formulations where accurate weights and volumes govern product acceptability.

    Additionally, the Munson Rotary Mixer produces a 100 percent uniform mix in less than three minutes whether it is loaded to capacity or only 10% - 15% of batch capacity, offering significantly greater versatility that virtually any other mixer.


    The lifters inside the rotating drum also serve to direct its contents into the discharge spout.

    The Munson Rotary Mixer is therefore completely self-emptying, except for an insignificant amount of dust on the inner surfaces of the drum. There are simply no "dead" areas in which to trap materials.

    Ideal for single-floor installation

    No mini-skyscrapers required for a Munson RM! It loads, mixes, unloads at the same floor level.

    Four-way mixing action: fold, tumble, cut and turn

    Portions of the batch are constantly contacting the sides of the cone, and are gently folded back towards the horizontal axis, thus affecting a diagonal as well as a vertical tumbling motion. In addition, lifters inside the drum continuously cut out portions of the batch and fold them back into the main body of the batch. These mixing actions are in addition to the constant tumbling action induced by the drum's rotation.

    Durable roller assemblies and gear reducers

    The mixing vessel of a Munson Rotary Batch Mixer is supported by two oversized trunnion rings that ride on heavy-duty alloy roller assemblies, providing superior load capacity for exceptional life.

    A high efficiency helical gear reducer combined with a chain and sprocket drive is Munson's standard, with three drive systems offered based on bulk density of the material being blended:

    • 'TS' Materials up to 65 pounds per cubic foot
    • 'TH' Materials up to 100 pounds per cubic foot
    • 'THX' Extreme applications over 100 pounds per cubic foot

    Exceptionally long life and minimal maintenance

    An elegantly simple design, together with state-of-the-art components and advanced materials assure trouble-free performance for many years.

    • Wear on moving parts is progressive.not sudden. No part will fail without ample advance warning. With periodic checking and ordinary, maintenance, even minor downtime can be eliminated.
    • Major load-bearing and drive components can be replaced in less than 4 hours.
    • With periodic monitoring and minimal maintenance, even minor downtime can be eliminated.
    • Because wear on moving parts is progressive—not sudden—no part will fail without ample advance warning.
    • The Rotary Batch Mixer is engineered for rapid maintenance and part replacement, as well as efficient operation. Even major load-bearing components can be replaced in less than four hours.

    Ideal for enclosed automated systems

    The Munson Rotary Mixer is particularly suitable for enclosed, automated systems where dust-tight connections link it to other equipment. After charging, and the loading door is closed, the mixer drum is sealed during mixing and liquid impregnation. No dust or toxic technical can escape into the working area. The mixer is equipped with radial seals that prevent dust leakage from the drum, preventing the contamination of the material and plant environment, and allowing materials ranging from pharmaceuticals to toxic substances to be mixed in complete safety.