Gently blend dry materials in 2 to 3 minutes, add liquids uniformly, discharge with no segregation and sanitize quickly — on a laboratory, pilot plant or small-production scale

MUNSON® Rotary Batch Mini Mixers deliver the same unique advantages as larger in-line models, but in capacities from 0.25 to 15 cu ft (7 to 425 liters) for off-line laboratory, pilot plant, small-production or pre-blending applications.

The four-way mixing action gently tumbles, turns, cuts and folds the material, producing a thorough blend in only 2 to 3 minutes, while preventing degradation by imparting minimal energy and intensity to the product.

This blending action also prevents segregation during discharge regardless of particle sizes, shapes or bulk densities, and provides an ideal fluid bed for liquid additions.

Unlike stationary mixers with agitators, Rotary Batch Mini Mixers produce homogeneous blends with no shear, discharge completely with no stratification, and have no internal shafts or shaft seals to contact material.

Internal mixing flights direct material towards and through a discharge gate for complete evacuation which, together with unrestricted interior access, allows thorough cleaning and sanitizing in minutes.

Mixing efficiency at 100% down to 10% of rated capacity remains constant, providing unsurpassed flexibility. In addition, results obtained are scalable to Munson's high capacity in-line Rotary Batch mixers.

This superior combination of attributes makes the Rotary Batch Mini Mixer ideal for a broad range of laboratory, pilot plant and small-production applications, from pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food applications requiring absolute cleanliness, to minerals, glass and concrete blending requiring extraordinary durability.

MUNSON also offers in-line Rotary Batch mixers that have stationary inlets and outlets and capacities from 5 to 600 cu ft (142 liters to 17 cu m), and Rotary Continuous Mixers with capacities from 25 to 5000 cu ft/h (708 liters to 142 cu m/h).





Model MX-10-AR Mini Mixer (new)
BATCH VOLUME: 10 cu ft (283.2 liter)
DRUM VOLUME: 20 cu ft (566.3 liter)
Abrasion-resistance steel on wear surfaces, welded internals

Model MX-10-MSI Mini Mixer (used)
BATCH VOLUME: 10 cu ft (283.2 liter)
DRUM VOLUME: 20 cu ft (566.3 liter)
Carbon steel with a 5 hp intensifier


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Rotary Batch Mini Mixers



Rotary Batch Mini Mixer

With a 0.25 cu ft (7 liter) batch capacity, model MX-1/4 is Munson's smallest Rotary Batch Mini Mixer. It is equipped as standard with manual tilt and removable drum, with results scalable to models having capacities to 600 cu ft (17 cu m), making it ideal for countertop testing.

Rotary Batch Mini Mixer

This 5 cu ft (142 liter), sanitary Rotary Batch Mini Mixer model MX-5-SS is equipped
with a large access door as standard. Options shown include Swing-Away Intake Chute, Discharge Chute with frame extension, and all stainless steel construction
including support frame and casters.