For batch blending of extremely fibrous, interlocking, dense, abrasive or moist/oily materials at higher speeds, with higher intensity, and with more uniform results than possible with trough style Ribbon, Paddle or Plow Blenders.

Unlike trough-style Ribbon, Paddle and Plow Blenders, MUNSON® Cylindrical Plow Blenders consist of a cylindrical vessel and a mixing shaft that rotates about 4-times faster. The vessel is typically filled to 60 percent of capacity that, together with fast rotation of the mixing shaft, serves to fluidize the material and fill the entire mixing vessel with airborne material, maximizing material transfer rates while minimizing impact and degradation.

As a result, MUNSON Cylindrical Plow Blenders can achieve 100 percent uniform blends of materials in ratios down to one part per thousand, blend significantly faster than trough style horizontal mixers, and handle a greater variety of materials, including extremely fibrous, interlocking, dense, moist, sticky, abrasive, fragile or otherwise poor-flowing materials. Cylindrical Plow Blenders are not, however, recommended for mixing of pastes.

When equipped with spray nozzles, MUNSON Cylindrical Plow Blenders offer an efficient means to coat or agglomerate particles, often with less liquid than would be required with trough-style Ribbon, Paddle and Plow Blenders.

MUNSON Cylindrical Plow Blenders are configured with single or multiple charging ports located on the top of the vessel, contoured access doors on the side, a bottom discharge port, and automated controls.

Although Plow Mixing Elements are typically employed, MUNSON paddle agitators can also be used in cylindrical horizontal blenders.


Plow Agitator

MUNSON Cylindrical Plow Blenders offer the same selection of drives, discharge gates and shaft seals as Munson's trough style Ribbon, Paddle and Plow Blenders, and the same dust-free operation.

Cylindrical Plow Blender

Cylindrical Plow Blender