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Titan 20 Shredders

Titan Shredder 20 HP
20 HP Shredder
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Cut costs by reducing bulk waste, scrap and out-of-spec materials by 50 to 80%


  • Shreds plastics and purgings, wood products, carpets, glass, aluminum, PET bottles and various industrial, medical and manufacturing waste products.
  • Handles the toughest size reduction problem materials with low RPM, high torque and little or no temperature rise.
  • Reduces bulk volume up to 75 to 80%.
  • Positive self-cleaning shearing action assures no product binding or plugging, available with automatic reversing.
  • Shredder design creates an intensive shearing and cutting action with self-feeding hopper design.
  • Designed to integrate with Munson Rotary Cutters for finer grinding.

Operating Mechanism

  • The Titan 20 is a double rotor shredder design with rugged extended cutter teeth that chop and shred large solids while self-cleaning with each rotation.
  • The cutter blades are mounted along 2 hex-shaped, heat-treated parallel shafts. Hex shafts are stronger and more fatigue resistant than traditional keyed bar shafts. This design allows heavy volumes of through-put with minimal power consumption.
  • Cutter blades are constructed of a heat treated & thru-hardened 41-40 material and are resharpenable.
  • Isolated bearings and gearing with multiple labyrinth and lip seal design prevent damage to critical bearing areas.

Caption: Hex shaft mounted cutter blade, heat-treated and resharpenable.