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Hammer Mills

Hammer Mill with hinged door open
Hammer Mill with hinged door, for access to interior of the mill for changing hammers, hammer pins and screens
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The Munson Hammer Mill reduces a broad variety of friable and fibrous materials into very fine products in uniform size ranges from 20 to 300 mesh (versus 50 mesh [250 micron] for some competitive machines).

If raw material consists of large pieces exceeding 2" to 3" (50 mm to 75 mm), a pre-crusher may be used ahead of the hammer mill for initial reduction and uniform feeding of small pieces. Engineered for economical operation, extreme durability and low horsepower per ton of output, Munson Hammer Mills also offer compactness, flexibility and ease of operation.

Compare Munson's ¾ inch thick housing with the lightweight gauge-stock housings of competitive machines to understand one of the many reasons why a Munson Hammer Mill offers stiffness, alignment, durability and reliability unmatched by any other brand.

Also designed for top efficiency, Munson Hammer Mills have an extra quarter screen located in the hinged section of the top case, increasing screen area by approximately 50% over that of conventional designs, for a total of 270°.