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CX Heavy Duty Cutters

CX Heavy Duty Cutter
CX Heavy Duty Cutter
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The CX Heavy Duty Cutter is a single-rotor high torque cutter/hog with a positive, high profile raking action (unlike a shredder) for primary size reduction of large, bulky materials that typically would not fit into an SCC screen classifying cutter and/or require greater torque than other cutters provide. The CX Heavy Duty Cutter delivers high horsepower at low speeds to produce tremendous torque for seemingly effortless reduction of high density, high tensile bulk materials up to 36" in size, including plastic purgings, extrusions and related scrap products. It is available with electric or hydraulic drives to 125 horsepower to satisfy extremely demanding applications with ease, and can be equipped with a gravity feed system or pneumatic ram feeds.