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CX Heavy Duty Cutters


Cutter Inserts

The standard CX Cutter design employs a series of inter-connected cylindrical discs, each incorporating (2) replaceable tool steel cutter inserts (optional 4-insert disc design available) in a staggered configuration. The inserts incorporate positive rake-angle blade design, minimizing horsepower requirements and increasing shear efficiency.

Model Standard Optional
CX-12 32" 64"
CX-24 64" 128"
CX-36 96" 192"

  • Common support base mounted drive arrangement eliminates installation and alignment of independently mounted drive.
  • Normal rotor speed operating range is 250 - 900 rpm, as dictated by application.
  • Drive arrangement employs high torque transmitting cogged drive belt and sprockets, assuring non-slippage and maximum shock-load performance.
  • All required, totally-enclosed drive guards are provided.
  • Safety interlocking limit switches are equipped at equipment access points.

  • Standard cutter sizes are 12", 24" and 36" assembly lengths, with 12" rotor cutter tip diameters.
  • Normal drive motor range is 15 to 125 horsepower, as dictated by application requirements.
  • Available materials of construction are carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel clad.
  • Optional variable speed electrical and hydraulic drives.
  • NEMA electrical control stations/networks.

Design and Construction
  • Products may be fed via Hopper/Gaylord, pneumatically driven ram feeder, or powered feeders designed per application.
  • Munson CX Cutters are self-contained assemblies constructed of welded and bolted extra heavy gauge steel materials.
  • Cutter housings are of ¾" minimum thickness plate steel construction.
  • Cylindrical rotor assembly employs a progressively staggered series of replaceable cutter inserts.
  • Cutter inserts are individually indexed into rotor assembly and secured by high tensile socket head cap screws.
  • Cutter inserts are constructed of type D-2 through-hardened tool steel.
  • Rotor shaft is supported by sealed and shielded outboard mounted heavy-duty flange block bearings.
  • Massive anvil supported breaker knife is of type D-2 hardened tool steel.