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Security Destructor


General Features:

  • Rapid, thorough destruction with minimum fines/dust
  • Advanced helical rotor design with interconnected parallelogram cutters
  • Tungsten carbide replaceable cutter inserts
  • Carbide offers extended wear life ~10x
  • High tolerance cut 8/1000ths to 10/1000ths in (.2 mm to .3 mm) between rotor knives and stationary bedknives provides tight, controllable particle size range (tight bell curve)
  • Gravity or pneumatic discharge
  • Conveyor belt, gravity or pinch-roll feed
  • Sound deadening enclosures
  • Parallelogram cutters with replaceable cutter inserts, available with heat-treated tool steel for abrasive applications

Detailed Features:

    Broad Size Range

    The Munson Security Destructor is offered in three sizes with throat openings ranging from 10 to 30 in (254 to 1829 mm). The width of the feed throat is 11 in (279 mm) for all models.

    Parallelogram Cutters Minimize Power Requirements

    The rotor assembly is comprised of inter-connected parallelogram cutters arranged in a progressive configuration to stagger the distribution of rotational torque. Whereas conventional knife cutters rely on a simultaneous cutting action over the entire length of the cutting knives, the staggered blades of the Munson Security Destructor impart six times more force per inch at the instant of cutting than comparably sized knife-type cutters of equivalent horsepower, providing more thorough reduction of hard-to-reduce materials.

    Parallelogram cutters are machined from a select grade of tool steel. For high strength and long life in abrasive applications they are heat-treated.

    Proprietary Rotary Cutter Design

    • Proprietary, progressively staggered rotary cutter blade design
    • Parallelogram cutters of heat-treated tool steel, and available with replaceable cutter inserts
    • Cutter inserts mount into precision-machined locating slots on opposing ends of cutting blades
    • Cutter blade inserts are available in tungsten carbide, various grades of stainless steel and tool steel
    • Inserts provide exceptionally long wear life in the most demanding applications
    • Cutter inserts are easily replaceable via socket head tip retaining screws
    • Staggered rotor blade arrangements may be changed for different process applications
    • Cutting action occurs as carbide tips pass within thousandths of an inch of stationary knives
    • Stationary bedknives precision machined of proprietary hardened steel material
    • Rotor configuration produces an effective spiral cutter/feeding effect
    • Design allows for high volume airflow through cutter
    • Controllable particle size with minimal fines produced

    Non-redundant Cutting

    Staggered cutting instantly creates a major granulated reduction of product that minimizes retention period within the cutting chamber and assists in reducing the percentage of fines, thereby increasing the rate of throughput. Conventional knife cutters often shear product into strips that are retained until the knives can further reduce these strips.

    Spiral Feeding Effect

    The parallelograms are pre-drilled and self-aligning. Their cutting sequence creates a natural spiral feeding effect, moving the material from the ends of the cutting area and toward the center. This action greatly reduces the possibility of material becoming trapped between the shaft and end plates as well as moving material away from the bearings — extending the shaft bearing life. If desired, the parallelograms may be arranged to feed the material in a right-hand or left-hand direction within the cutter, or in a non-directional, intermittent fashion.

    Stationary Bed Knives

    Bed knives are secured to solid anvils to prevent movement. Bed knives feature reversible cutting edges that double their functional life. They are easily accessible from the outside of the cutter housing for quick removal or adjusting. The bed knives are adjustable to compensate for sharpening and wear on the parallelogram cutters.

    Bedscreen Size Determines Finished Output

    Munson can furnish classifying screens in a variety of sizes to suit customer requirements. The screens are available with round perforations from 1/32" to 1½" (.79 to 38.1 mm) diameter, and with special square perforations (typically for fiberglass) on request. Screens are held securely in place by a quick-release support mechanism for rapid removal and replacement.

    Product Infeed

    • Materials gravity fed through the intake hopper, or fed horizontally
    • Vertical feed via double baffled feed hopper with adjustable baffle
    • Material may be fed directly into the front of the hopper or though a hinged top door
    • Horizontal product feed is accomplished through an independently powered, variable speed pinch roll feeder
    • Special feed chutes are available per application requirements
    • Available mechanical and powered product feeding mechanisms tailored to application requirements
    • Vibratory feeders available to regulate input of granular material

    Product Discharge

    • Product discharge may be via gravity, pneumatic transition or independently powered belt or screw conveyor
    • Systems can include integral pneumatic discharge transition for rapid removal of reduced product

    Drive Arrangements

    • Standard cutter drive is via a common support base mounted multiple V-belt drive motor
    • Direct-coupled drive and gear reduced drives available per request
    • Cutter drive may be equipped with an electrical or a mechanical variable speed provision
    • Rotor speed operating range is between 30 - 3600 rpm, depending on application
    • All drives are furnished with totally enclosed guarding
    • Variable speed drives also available


    • Heavy duty welded and bolted, reinforced plate steel construction
    • Available in carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel and various grades of stainless steel
    • Easily accessible, anvil supported front and rear adjustable bedknives have reversible cutting edges
    • 180 Product classifying bedscreens are available in a broad size range
    • Bedscreen easily replaceable and supported by heavy-duty cradle
    • Outboard mounted, flange block roller bearing assemblies available with various shaft seal designs
    • Rotor shaft supported by self-aligning, sealed ball bearings
    • Entire rotor assembly is easily removable with the use of a shaft extension
    • Rugged precision-machined steel weldment encompasses the unique rotor assembly, providing an unyielding framework from which combined internal forces can reduce product throughput


    • Various grades of stainless steel construction for food, corrosive and cryogenic applications
    • Sound deadening enclosures
    • Independently powered variable speed, horizontal pinch roll feeder
    • NEMA electrical control stations
    • Locking casters
    • Structural steel base
    • Systems design