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Rotary Batch Mixers
Also see: Rotary Glass Batchers, Rotary Batch Dryers/Coolers,
Mini Rotary Batch Mixers


  • Polished construction and sanitary finishes to meet USDA, FDA and pharmaceutical requirements
  • Legs or structurals as required per application
  • Heating and cooling jackets
  • UHMW or Teflon liners or internal coating for process needs
  • Abrasion or chemical resisting liners or polymer coatings for special applications
  • Locking casters for mixer mobility.
  • Internal spray-line for the introduction of liquids for coating, coloring or agglomeration. Multiple heads are available for any application.
  • Special ports for trace ingredient addition, or sampling.
  • Type 302/304 or 316 stainless steel or material contact surfaces of epoxy or other high-performance coatings. Interior available in a wide variety of surface finishes.
  • Flexible spout connections, plus any spout flange modification necessary to connect Rotary Mixer to other equipment.
  • Remote-control (solenoid actuated) or manual-control of air-cylinder-actuated discharge gate. Easily incorporated into an automatic timer-controlled system.
  • Optional variable speed controllers and electrical soft starts.
  • Multiple quick-opening doors for easy access to interior of drum.
  • Drain port for discharge of water or chemical cleaner.
  • Special lifter and baffle assemblies for continuous mixing applications.
  • Mixer load cell mounted for precise control of batch ingredients.
  • Internal, independently driven agitator shaft for agglomerate reduction.
  • Discharge gate proximity switches to indicate discharge gate position (for use in automated systems).
  • Extra heavy-duty construction for materials of high bulk density and/or extreme abrasiveness.
  • Variations in the design of internal lifters and baffles to satisfy the characteristics of unusually difficult-to-mix and fibrous materials.
  • Stainless steel construction, including optional guards and bedframe
  • Retractable inlet for ease of cleaning.
  • Heating or cooling: internal hot air (direct drying) or jacketed (indirect drying or cooling).
    See Rotary Batch Dryers/Coolers
  • Glass Batch Mixer configurations
  • Intensifier for dispersion of difficult-to-blend materials

    Intensifier De-Agglomerates, Homogenizes

    The optional Intensifier promotes uniform dispersion of non-free-flowing and other difficult-to-blend materials.
    Intensifier De-Agglomerates, Homogenizes

    The optional Intensifier promotes uniform dispersion of non-free-flowing and other difficult-to-blend materials, imparting shear into the batch to break apart agglomerates and separate non-free-flowing materials into discreet particles. It is also fully accessible and removable for cleaning and sanitizing.

    Sanitary Options

    Munson's Food Grade and Sanitary Rotary Mixers blend each batch in only two to three minutes, clean easily, discharge with 100 percent clean-out, and ensure 100 percent uniformity of the blend, even with minor additions as low as one part per million.

    Geometry of the rotating drum's internal mixing flights directs material towards the discharge gate. When the gate is activated, 100 percent of the batch is discharged. The absence of residual material, coupled with multiple drum clean-out doors for unrestricted access to all internal surfaces, allows thorough sanitizing in minutes, preventing cross-contamination between changeovers.

    • Internal mixing flights are spaced for easy access and continuously welded to the drum wall for 100% product discharge.
    • All internal welds have a minimum ¼" radius to eliminate corners, cracks and crevices for material entrapment, and are polished to 80 grit as standard. Available with polishes up to 240 grit.
    • Solid stainless steel discharge gate is disassembled in minutes with no tools.
    • External seal resides out of mixing drum and is easily removed.
    • Support structure and guards are epoxy painted and available in #304 stainless steel construction as an option.
    • All product contact surfaces constructed of stainless steel, #2B Mill Finish standard with options available for #4 or #7 polish. 304SS and 316SS grades available.
    • USDA Dairy suitable upon request