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Rotary Glass Batchers

Designed for Extreme Durability
Engineered and constructed for long, trouble-free service, Munson Glass Batchers feature:

  • Support Frames
    I-beam and box channel construction welded into a single unit. Massive end castings are machined to receive the drum and the Trunnion rings.
  • Trunnion Rollers
    Flanged rollers, accurately machined and assembled, support the drum and end casting assembly. They are carried on ball bearing or roller-bearing pillow blocks that, in turn, are carried on adjustable base assemblies.
  • Trunnion Rings
    Precision-machined, these heavy cross-section rings carry the weight of the drum and batch and are a major factor in the Munson Batcher's quiet operation. Ease of replacement is assured because all parts are manufactured with the use of permanent jigs and fixtures.
  • Intake Hopper
    Fabricated of abrasion-resistant steel. Vulnerable wear areas are protected with replaceable wear plates. Charging is achieved by gravity and involves no gates or operation mechanisms.
  • Drum
    Double cone of truncated construction, which substantially increases its rigidity. All drum seams and joints are welded, inside and out. Fabricated of heavy, abrasion-resistant plate steel.
  • Internal Lifters
    (Inside Drum) Since lifters do the brunt of the work during mixing and discharge and are subject to wear, they are fabricated of abrasion-resistant steel and are replaceable when worn. Made to precise templates, they can be installed in the batcher drum by the average maintenance person without special tools and without cutting or welding. They are bolted to permanent mounting lugs inside the drum. Lifters contribute to the blending action by cutting out a portion of the batch and folding it back into the center of the drum. They also serve to discharge the blended ingredients from the batcher when the discharge gate is opened. In addition to these lifters, intermediate baffles are incorporated to accelerate the mixing action and further improve the quality of the blend.
  • Access Door
    Gasketed, continuous-hinged door permits easy entry to mixer. Completely dust-tight during mixing. Located in flat section of drum and equipped with quick-acting cam locks. Fabricated of heavy plate steel to resist warping or twisting, the door closes against a continuous gasket sealed to drum.
  • Discharge Spout
    Gravity type, fitted with hinged gate. Fabricated of abrasion-resistant steel with replaceable plates at points vulnerable to wear. Features dust-tight design of adequate size to permit rapid discharge. Integrally mounted limit switches indicate gate position and a convenient flange provides dust-tight connection to spoutings or elevator.