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Mini Rotary Batch Mixers

Rotary Mini Mixer MX 15
Rotary Mini Mixer MX 15
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Pharmaceutical Grade Mini Mixer Helps Maintain High Quality Standards of Nutritional Supplements

Pharmaceutical Grade Mini Mixer Helps Maintain
High Quality Standards of Nutritional Supplements


This scaled-down version of Munson's Rotary Batch Mixer offers capacities from 0.25 to 15 cu-ft. for laboratory, pilot plant and small production applications, including pre-blends.

The Munson Mini-Mixer offers the same features as the full-scale Rotary Batch Mixer including:

  • 100% uniform mixing in less than three minutes
  • Gentle four-way mixing action—tumble, turn, cut and fold—ensures minimal product degradation. Ideal for friable, temperature- and pressure-sensitive materials
  • Continuous mixing during loading and discharge
  • Zero stratification, segregation or densification
  • Available equipped for liquid spray additions
  • 100% discharge
  • Equally efficient mixing at 100% down to 10% of maximum capacity (even with bulk products having widely disparate bulk densities and particle sizes, including ingredients added in trace quantities)
  • Single floor installation
  • 100% Discharge upon completion of mix cycle, with only an insignificant amount residual dust.
  • Ideal for uniform impregnation, encapsulation, drying, heating or cooling processes
  • Handles dry powder and granular products of varying specific gravities and in minute or trace quantities.
  • Low horsepower, high mechanical efficiency
  • Totally dust tight design
  • All interior areas readily accessible for fast, thorough sanitizing
  • Can be operated remotely
  • Vacuum or pressure vessel available
  • Available to industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards
  • Available in standard models, heavy duty models for materials with high bulk densities, jacketed models for heating/cooling, and abrasion resistant models for extreme service conditions
  • Rotating mixing drum employs internal mixing lifters which provide a 4 way mixing action-tumbling, turning, cutting and folding of product ingredients
  • Proven ability to mix materials with up to 10:1 density variations
  • Thorough and rapid inter-mixing of trace ingredients, additives, dyes, pigments, scents
  • Rapid, complete product discharge

For details on the above features go to the main Rotary Batch Mixer section

Batch Sizing & Capacities

  • Capacities from 0.25 to 15 cu-ft
  • Rated batch capacities are established as approximately 1/2 drum volumes
  • Equipment models are sized and recommended by batch volume requirements
  • Mixing integrity is maintained with reduced batch sizes to 10 percent, for most materials

How the Mini-Mixer differs from the production-scale rotary batch mixer

  • Six models with maximum capacities of 0.25 to 15 cu-ft.
    (versus 10 to 600 cu- ft for production-scale Rotary Batch Mixers)
    for laboratories, pilot plants and small production runs including pre-blends
  • Large side access door minimizes the footprint, allows easy loading of ingredients and facilitates fast, thorough washdown.

    Note: Blend quality and mix times scale identically with high capacity Rotary Batch Mixers, allowing laboratory results obtained with the Mini Mixer to be scaled up with accurate projections of system performance.