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Mini Rotary Batch Mixers


  • Pneumatic drum tilting for vertical discharge (Not offered on large scale rotary batch mixers)
  • Iris or breach-lock gates available (Not offered on large scale rotary batch mixers)
  • Mild, Stainless or Abrasion Resistant Steel Drum, to suit any requirement. Welded drum, with smooth interior surface.
  • Vinyl coating and other interior surface finishes available (optional).
  • Quick-acting hand wheel for easy operation of standard valve-type discharge gate.
  • Lifters, either welded or bolted to inside of drum.
  • Internal Spray Line for introduction of liquid (optional).
  • Liquid reservoir, transparent to permit introduction of liquids by air pressure (eliminates need for liquid pump). Optional
  • Internal Agitator Bar (optional)
  • Screw Feeder for introducing trace ingredients (optional)
  • Drain Plug in cylindrical section of drum, for flushing out drum when necessary (optional)
  • Extra access doors for fast, easy cleaning (optional)
  • Conveniently located motor starter, wired to drive motor.
  • Unit requires only a little floor space. Easily moved.
  • Tilt-type Drum, used when necessary to empty mixed batch into holding bins, conveying equipment or drums (optional)
  • Tilt-type Drum may be operated by twin air cylinder control, or manually through worm gear mechanism.
  • Iris-type Discharge Gate (standard with Tilt-type Drum) permits rapid discharge with complete control at all times.


    • Standard mixer drive is via a worm gear speed reducer with roller chain and sprocket arrangement
    • Low horsepower requirements result from minimal eccentric shifting of product masses in the mixing drum
    • All required totally enclosed drive guards are included
    • Mixers are provided with motor starter, push button controls and electrical safety interlocks
    • Available in TEXP construction with conduit wiring
    • Optional infinitely variable SCR drives are available

    Design and Construction

    • Furnished as single unit assemblies, with self-contained drives
    • Mixing drum seals dust tight, assuring total product containment during mixing cycle
    • Mixing drum is supported by twin outboard mounted heavy-duty pillow block roller bearing assemblies
    • Available materials of construction include carbon steel, abrasion resistant steels, various grades of stainless steels and aluminum
    • Mixing drum is equipped with a gasketted product charging/service access door