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Ribbon Blenders, Paddle Blenders and Plow Blenders


Munson stationary horizontal blenders offer high mixing speed, efficiency, and wide range of features and options to suit the most demanding applications:

  • Capacities from 1 to 1000 cu. ft.
  • Ability to blend 1% concentrate to perfect analysis, in batches over 6 tons.
  • Broad design versatilities tailored to customer requirements.
  • Two blender styles: From heavy- to extra-heavy duty.
  • Extensive selection of drives, seals, agitators and discharge gate designs.
  • Jacketed, stainless steel and sanitary construction available.
  • Tight-tolerance construction, minimizing residual material after discharge.
  • Flanged agitator shaft that is removed through the top, versus agitators that must be removed from the end panel (requiring significant additional floor space).
  • Options for special drive arrangements, cooling and heating jackets, multiple discharges, high speed internal agitators and choppers, liquid addition spray lines, customized cover configurations, side cleanout access doors, chemical passivation and special agitator configurations.

Detailed Features:

    Design and Construction

    • Most Munson blenders employ an optimum 2:1 length to diameter mixing element to ensure optimum mixing efficiency and scalability.
    • Tight tolerances of 1/16" to 1/32" (1.6 to 0.8 mm) between ribbon blades (or paddles) and blender trough, minimizing residual heel of material remaining in vessel after discharge.
    • Batch size is approximately 75% of total vessel volume, ensuring uniform blending.
    • Single-unit construction; eliminating costly mounting of independent drive components and equipment.
    • Outboard mounted pillow block bearings allow horizontal adjustment of the agitator assembly to maintain close tolerance to the blender body.
    • Materials of construction include carbon, stainless, abrasion resistant steels, Monel or Inconel, Hastalloy and other exotics.
    • Interior finishes include Standard Construction Finish, Sanitary Finish and #4 Interior Polish Finish.

    Extreme Strength and Precision Machining

    The steel body offers such high strength that no cross trusses are needed to support the sidewalls. On larger models, heavy longitudinal body stiffeners are used. Heavy gauge end panels, strengthened by plate steel ribs and gussets, are securely welded to the body. The generous, large-radius fillet welds are ground smooth, inside the body, to match the end contour of the agitator ribbons, with minimum clearance, eliminating pockets or corners which would otherwise become "dead spots" during the blending process. With the Munson Blender, the agitator element fits perfectly within the curvature of the body and the welded fillets.

    High Strength Agitators

    All are flange mounted for easy access and cleanability. Munson constructs the agitators of its horizontal blenders of high modulus, large-diameter, heavy walled tubular steel, offering higher strength and greater rigidity than solid shafts of smaller diameter. One-piece support arms extended completely through, and are welded to, the agitator tube.

    Agitators are equipped as standard with a flanged shaft for ease of service and removal, allowing vertical removal, saving plant space. Agitators without flanges are also available.

    Precision machined solid journals are supported by heavy external pillowblock bearings, ensuring solid support of the agitator shaft. Thick, one-piece solid support arms are extended completely through the main shaft. The result is an agitator element that is exceptionally rigid and durable which in turn allows the tightest clearances (least residual material) available in the industry.

    • Double Helical Ribbon Agitators
      Utilized for most blending applications, the twin-ribbon element assembly is securely welded to heavy steel companion flanges. Heavy walled hollow shafting is used for the center shaft carrying large- diameter support arms that, in turn, carry the heavy cross-section ribbons that provide Munson's famous mixing action. This type of construction gives the Munson Blender the ability to handle either light or heavy batches. The split-ribbon design is also energy-efficient and offers faster blend times than other ribbon configurations.
    • Enhanced Paddle Agitator
      The choice for materials that are exceptionally dense, products having a high angle of repose, slurries or abrasive materials, Munson paddle agitator designs prevent the "log-rolling" effect common to other scoop-type paddles. Munson paddle agitators can also be used in cylindrical horizontal blenders.
    • Plow Agitator
      Munson recommends plow agitators for dense, sticky, paste-like or otherwise poor-flowing materials, or for applications where more intensity is required.

    For high speed, high intensity, uniform processing of extremely fibrous, interlocking, dense, moist, oily or abrasive material, see Munson's cylindrical plow blenders.

    Agitator Element Easy to Remove, Replace

    Although the agitator element may never need to be removed, Munson has made it easy to accomplish. By removing only several bolts, the complete assembly can be lifted out. Repositioning is virtually automatic. Lower the assembly in place and tighten the bolts. The entire removal/replacement operation is performed without disturbing the important alignment of seals, bearings and drive assemblies. Perfect alignment is automatic.

    1. Smaller blenders, typically 30 Hp and below, are parallel shaft helical gear reducers directly mounted to the agitator element shaft.
    2. Larger blenders utilize a helical gearmotor to drive a sprocket and chain configuration for final agitator speed.

    Optional Drives (3)

    • Torque arm speed reducer mounted on counter-shaft, or all-motor in-line drive
    • Directly coupled, motor/speed reducer, main shaft mounted
    • Foot mounted gear reducer to chain sprocket drive

    Options for any one of the above drives include:

    • Centrifugal clutch type motor couplings for start-up under load
    • Modified drive arrangement for specific requirements or space limitations
    • Fluid coupling-equipped drive for starting under full load

    Discharge Gates

    All Munson discharge gates may be specified in center, end or multiple discharge locations, and are available with manual, pneumatic or solenoid controls.

    Munson offers three gate styles and a universal flange to suit your process:

    • Paddle Gate
      Offers quick-action, dust free operation and large diameter
    • Knife Gate
      Similar to a paddle gate above, the knife gate offers a more positive cutting action to close through the material
    • Plug Gate
      Precisely matches the interior contour of the vessel wall, eliminating the "dead spot" common to other valve designs. However, since it cannot normally be closed against the flow of material, plug gates are typically specified for all-or-nothing-discharge.
    • Universal flange
      Allows connection to ball, butterfly or other valves types, also available through Munson
    • Butterfly Valve

    Shaft Seals

    Munson blenders are supplied as standard with reliable, time-proven Teflon® packing gland seals.

    Optional seal designs include double lip, lantern ring, gas/liquid purged and sanitary types.

    Dust-Free Operation

    External packing glands, combined with a gasket-tight cover, ensure dust-free operation. Glands are external compression type, meaning that packings can be replaced without disturbing journals or bearings. Regular maintenance personnel can perform the job easily using ordinary tools.


    Munson Horizontal Blenders are equipped standard with bolted and gasketed cover sections. Custom cover arrangements include but are not limited to inlet ports, vents, hinged sections, safety grates, bag dump stations or dust hoods, filter socks. Structurally reinforced and domed covers are available for pressure or vacuum requirements. Interlocks are offered on hinged cover sections or safety grates.