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High Intensity Continuous Blenders


  • Single agitator style, high speed continuous blender/processor.
  • High-impact, pug mill type, pin and paddle agitator for intensive blending.
  • Spray ports available for large additions of liquids.
  • Capacities up to 2800 cubic feet per hour.

    Design and Construction

    The design of the Hi-Intensity Continuous Bender is based on a horizontal, cylindrical vessel with a single high speed rotating agitator. The agitator is supported by externally mounted flange block bearings. The blender is based on a 4 to 1 length to diameter ratio allowing high through-put rates without sacrificing retention time for homogeneous blending or coating.

    The Hi-Intensity Continuous Blender is available in carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel, abrasion resistant steel, and Hastelloy or other exotics.

    Drive and Support

    The blender and motor are mounted on a common support base. Standard blender drives are a multiple "V" belt and sheave arrangement. Agitator speeds range from 200 to 2500 RPM depending on application. Optional gear drives are available for reduced speed hi-torque requirements. All drives are furnished with totally enclosed guards.

    Agitator Design

    The internal agitator is a large diameter solid shaft with threaded paddles or impact pins. The shaft design allows the units to be customized with a variety of paddles and pins. Both the location and direction of the paddles can be changed to fully meet any processing application. The agitator can be hard-faced or coated for extreme wear conditions.


    The Munson Hi-Intensity Continuous Blender is equipped as standard with agitator shafts supported by flange block bearings, mechanical face seals (internal) plus twin purge-able lip seals. For applications involving high temperatures or highly abrasive materials, pillow block style bearings with stuffing box style air purge seals are recommended. Sanitary type seals are also available.