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Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary Drum Screen
Rotary drum screen separates solids from any slurry.
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Munson Rotary Drum Screens utilize a cylindrical drum constructed of wedge wire screen to remove solid materials from waste streams at capacities from 200 to 4,650 gal/min. (757 to 17,600 liter/min.). Effluent discharges from a head box, overflows a dam and flows onto the outside of the rotating cylinder, allowing water to pass through the wedgewire into the cylinder. A doctor blade scrapes sludge and debris collected on the outside of the cylinder, while an internal spray line dislodges particles blinding the screen.


  • Rendering plants to separate sludge
  • Plastic extrusions cooling bath water to separate pellets
  • Municipal wastewater sludge removal
  • Pulp and paper sludge removal
  • Separation of solids from any slurry in high volumes

These variable speed machines are equipped with wedgewire screen in a range of seven orifice sizes from .010 to .100 in. (.25 to 2.54 mm).

Models with drums of 24 in. (610 mm) diameter are offered in 36, 48, 50 and 72 in. (914, 1219, 1270 and 1829 mm) lengths. Models with drums of 36 in. (914 mm) diameter are offered in 96 and 120 in. (2438 and 3048 mm) lengths.

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