• Liquid injection ports
  • Polished sanitary construction finish to meet USDA, FDA or pharmaceutical requirements
  • Legs and structurals constructed of carbon steel, #304 stainless steel or #316 stainless steel
  • Gear-reduced drives, synchronous gear belt reduced drives or a combination of both to optimize speed and high-torque requirements
  • Pillow block bearings for high-temperature or abrasive applications
  • Externally-mounted stand-off bearings with air-purged packing gland seals, or block seals of Teflon or UHMW polyethylene in solid and split/sanitary designs
  • Insulated low-pressure jackets, and high-pressure jackets constructed to ASME code for heating or cooling
  • Construction of #304 and #316 stainless steel, or AR235 abrasion resistant steel, including additional weld hard facing for exceptionally abrasive materials
  • Piggyback systems for dual blending requirements such as dry blending followed by liquid additions
  • Control packages
  • Configurations for batch blending