• Cutter tips of heat-treated tool steel and stainless steel
  • Abrasion-resistant cutter tip holders
  • Independently powered variable speed, horizontal pinch roll feeder
  • Direct-coupled, gear-reduced and synchronous belt drive arrangements
  • Special receiving hoppers and infeed transitions
  • Special outlet transitions for pneumatic or mechanical collection
  • Locking casters for mobility
  • Various grades of stainless steel construction for food, corrosive and cryogenic applications
  • Sound deadening enclosures
  • Controls including variable speed drives
  • Rotational sensors for feedback to automated systems
  • Stainless steel bases and guards
  • Legs to raise discharge height
  • Air purge seals for extremely demanding applications

SCC cutter

In addition to stand-alone applications, the SCC cutter is often utilized for second-stage finer-grinding of materials when positioned downstream of CX Heavy Duty Cutters (shown), Magnum™ Large Block Crushers, Titan™ Shredders, Hammer Mills and other primary size reduction equipment also manufactured by MUNSON®.

Conversely, the SCC cutter is often utilized for preliminary size reduction when positioned upstream of MUNSON Pin Mills, Attrition Mills and other fine-grinding equipment also manufactured by MUNSON.