• High shear and low impact yields clean cuts with little or no fines or dust
  • Tightly controlled particle size ranges
  • Expansive 320° screen area yields high throughput, even with small screen apertures
  • Rigid one-piece, precision-machined, fabricated and machined steel rotor assembly
  • Five adjustable rotor knives of proprietary hardened tool steel
  • Four reversible screen-mounted stationary knives of hardened proprietary tool steel
  • Dual-hinged screen housings for easy access and quick screen changes
  • Screens positively secured against machined edges
  • Extensive selection of screen sizes from 3/64 to 2.0 inches (1.2 to 50.8 mm)
  • Fabricated and machined cutter housing of rigid heavy-walled steel
  • Sealed flange-block bearing assemblies support rotor assembly in rigid housing
  • Gravity or pneumatic discharge transitions available
  • Common base for mill housing and drive assembly
  • Standard cutter operating speed 550 RPM. Other speeds available to suit application
  • Totally enclosed drive guards
  • Rotational momentum of high-mass rotor assembly minimizes power requirements

Sanitary Stainless Steel Rotary Knife Cutter

Sanitary Stainless Steel Rotary Knife Cutter with large clamshell doors on both sides allows thorough wash down between runs of multiple materials, preventing cross contamination. (Shown without drive components or support base for pneumatic collection).