Specialized Models and Options to Exceed Your Requirement

Sanitary Models

Sanitary Rotary Batch Mixers offer numerous features that prevent material contamination and allow rapid, thorough wash down required for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food applications:

  • Internal mixing flights are spaced for easy access and continuously welded to the drum wall, and are configured for complete material discharge as well as complete drainage following wash down
  • All internal welds have minimum 0.25 in. (6.35 mm) radius, and are polished to 80 grit as standard. Available with polishes up to 240 grit
  • CIP (Clean-In-Place) spray line with nozzle for convenient cleaning and sanitizing
  • All product contact surfaces constructed of #304 or #316 stainless steel, in #2B Mill Finish standard with options available for #4 or #7 polish. USDA Dairy suitable upon request
  • External seal resides out of mixing drum and is easily removed
  • Support structure and guards available in #304 stainless steel construction

Industrial and Abrasion-Resistant Models

MUNSON® offers Rotary Batch Mixers for demanding industrial applications such as concrete premix, ceramics, powdered metal, fertilizers, plastics and catalysts. Also offered are "GB" models for glass batching, refractories and other poor-flowing, highly abrasive materials. These extreme-duty machines produce uniform blends containing numerous ingredients in 1 to 3 minutes, discharge completely in minimum time with no residual, and operate quietly and vibration-free.

Like all MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixers, these machines allow rapid cleaning while minimizing

power requirements, even when mixing exceptionally heavy materials with bulk densities exceeding 200 lbs/cu ft (3.2 gm/cc).

Ideal for basic batch mixing systems as well as integrated, automated operation, these units can be equipped with flexible connections and radial seals to assure dust-tight operation, and hardened, easy-to-replace wear plates to protect areas prone to abrasion.


Sanitary models

Industrial and Abrasion-Resistant Models


Optional Intensifier promotes uniform dispersion of non-free-flowing and other difficult-to-blend materials.

The optional Intensifier promotes uniform dispersion of non-free-flowing and other difficult-to-blend materials, imparting shear into the batch to break apart agglomerates and separate non-free-flowing materials into discreet particles. It is also fully accessible and removable for cleaning and sanitizing.

Sliding Intake Chute

Sliding Intake Chute


Jacketed Rotary Batch Mixers

Rotary Batch Dryer

Heating or Cooling Applications

MUNSON offers Rotary Batch Mixers with jackets for connection to liquid heaters or chillers, or with ports for introducing heated, cooled or moisturized air directly into the batch, allowing the temperature and moisture levels of materials to be altered or maintained during loading, mixing and discharging cycles.


CIP Sanitizing

CIP Sanitizing

This Clean-In-Place spray line with multi-directional nozzle assists with rapid, thorough sanitizing between batches or production runs.

Internal Spray Lines

Internal Spray Lines

All MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixers are available with optional spray lines in single or multiple (shown) configurations.


  • Polished construction and sanitary finishes to meet USDA, FDA and pharmaceutical requirements
  • Stainless steel guards and bedframe
  • Intensifier for dispersion of difficult-to-blend materials
  • Locking casters for mixer mobility
  • Single or multiple internal spray lines for the introduction of liquids for coating, flavoring, coloring or impregnation
  • Special ports for trace ingredient additions, or sampling
  • #304 or #316 stainless steel, carbon steel and abrasion-resistant steel construction
  • Abrasion-resistant steel, or UHMW PE or Nylon liners for special applications
  • Flexible spout connections, and/or any inlet/discharge modifications or transitions to connect Rotary Mixer to other equipment
  • Solenoid or mechanical gear motor actuated discharge gate
  • Easily incorporated into automated PLC systems
  • Variable speed controllers and electrical soft starts
  • Multiple quick-opening doors for easy access to interior of drum
  • Pressure pot with scale for liquid additions
  • Load cell for precise control of batch ingredients
  • Discharge gate position sensing switches to indicate discharge gate position (for use in automated systems)
  • Extra-heavy-duty construction for materials of high bulk density and/or extreme abrasiveness
  • Variations in the design of internal lifters and baffles to satisfy the characteristics of unusually difficult-to-mix and fibrous materials
  • Retractable inlet for ease of cleaning
  • Piping for heated, cooled or dehumidified air
  • Low pressure and ASME-code jackets for heating or cooling with water, stream or oil
  • Drain plug for complete discharge of water or cleaning solutions following wash down or sanitizing