• Intake hoppers and rotary valves to meter material into mill
  • Custom transitions for gravity discharge or pneumatic collection
  • Sound deadening enclosures
  • Explosion proof motors and electricals
  • Removable rotor disc for critical sanitary applications
  • Single or double davit arms for swinging stator disc and/or rotor disc away from machine
  • Hardened D2, M2, 440 and TiN-coated pins
  • Internal welds with minimum 0.25 in. (6.4 mm) radii ground and polished from 80 grit up to 240 grit to prevent material entrapment
  • Finishes to FDA, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary or industrial standards: #304 or #316 stainless steel with #2B (standard) or #4 finish, as well as carbon steel
  • Variable-speed electronic controls for adjusting rotor speed
  • Magnets to prevent tramp metals from entering mill chamber
  • Ports for cooling with liquid nitrogen or purging with inert gas
  • Filtered collection hoppers (smaller systems)
  • Speed switches
  • Stainless steel base frames